A Little Note

A little note about the creator of LOVJuice, aka my sister Cheri:

Cheri Schumann opened LOVjuice in July of 2013. LOVjuice stands for “living organic vegetable” juice. With a passionate commitment to the personal knowledge she accumulated when she experienced firsthand the heartbreak and helplessness you feel when someone you love is lost to obesity, this endeavor is no passing phase for the owner of this fairly new and totally unique establishment for Vero Beach. “I lost my first husband in 2009 basically to overeating – to eating all the wrong things. He loved red meat, and all the highest fat content foods on a menu. His health started to decline over the years and he could barely walk. When he decided to finally go in for knee surgery, his heart couldn’t take it. He died three days after the operation. To watch someone deteriorate like that when you know there is a better way… People used to ask me why I couldn’t do anything. But you can’t force someone to do something they don’t want to do.” Cheri’s inspiration for LOVjuice grew out of the heartfelt desire to heal just one person.

Meanwhile, way up in New Hampshire, my life was about to take a major turn. The company for which my husband (Larry) had been working, for 25 years, was about to close down his plant…big changes were coming! During that period, I was in constant communication with Cheri, assisting her with some of the administrative aspects of her juice bar. While my career as an Executive Assistant was thriving, and I was at the top of my game, I was never one to fear trying something new. So, after a few trips down to Vero Beach, and a little bit of “hands on”, I decided to take the plunge and become an Organic Juice Bar Manager….the absolute best decision I have ever made!

I quickly fell in love with what Cheri had created, and am absolutely amazed with the vision she brought to life. That being said, not even six months into managing the business, Cheri’s life took a major turn. Her husband took a position in New Mexico, which led her to the decision of selling LOVJuice. Luckily, and since I had become so attached to the staff, customers, and the product we were selling, she chose me!

These days you can find me and Larry, on any given morning, in the LOVJuice kitchen at 6:00am, happily juicing, mixing, and bottling Vero Beach’s favorite Organic Juice combinations.

Although this is just the beginning of a brand new journey for me, I really do look at it as my “Happily ever after”! In other words…Wendi’s and LOVJuice are going to be around for a very long time, offering our health conscious customers a small slice of healthy!

As Larry so eloquently put it the other day “When life throws you lemons…JUICE”!